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In 2019, after the successful presence at Digital Dragons (Kraków), and LAG Festival of Art and Independent Games (Cieszyn), it has been made clear to Coal Power Games that using games as a tool for raising awareness of Intangible Cultural Heritage undeniably has worldwide relevance.

Therefore, Coal Power Games is committed to do it's best to support ICH and develop relevant games.

Saint Barbara: Miner Rescue has received funding in 2020 from the

Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The game will be launched in December 2020, and will be developed

further after that.



Coal Power Games is a brand new studio primarily focused on the development of a completely new genre of games: Intangible Cultural Heritage Games (ICHG).


Intangible Cultural Heritage Games (ICHG) are games that record, preserve and spread elements of the intangible cultural heritage of regions and communities in an engaging and fun way. While sharing characteristics with Serious Games and Educational Games (using modern communication techniques and pedagogical play to add educational value), these type of games are firmly focused on culture and history, and target audiences of all ages and backgrounds.


Working internationally, Coal Power Games develops modern interactive solutions for cultural, historical and educational institutions, organizations and businesses.


Intangible Cultural Heritage covers the various customs, expressions and collective knowledge, as well as any objects and cultural spaces connected with them, that are recognized by specific groups of people as part of their cultural heritage.

About Us



Coal Power Games took the name of the characteristic element which had the single greatest impact on the history of Upper Silesia. But Coal Power Games ’ goal is not to crush it and burn it in the machines of industry. Rather, to harness the raw energy contained in it, and focus it. To compress it and create something of lasting value.

Upper Silesia is a historically unique area in Poland, with its own language and rich culture. Recently, a renewed interest in its history has been developing among its people, and is expressed in various forms like cuisine, jewellery and design.

Coal Power Games wants to take advantage of this renewed interest; by using it as a source, and by strengthening public awareness and appreciation of it. Spreading this rich history and culture is not only of importance locally, but worldwide, as there is an increasing demand for new games with refreshing themes that celebrate unique cultures.

Mission & Services



Coal Power Games understands the unique value of games as powerful tools for sharing information, teaching through play, and the preservation and spreading of cultural and historical knowledge to an international audience. Best of all, games allow these things to be done in a fun and rewarding way, guaranteeing a stronger absorption of information in memory. Games can be tailored to demand, adjusting game design and game complexity according to the clients needs.

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