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Saint Barbara - Miner Rescue​ is our very first game, currently in development!

In this game you play as Saint Barbara, rescuing miners trapped in a coal mine deep underground. The rescued miners will then follow her and, as the line keeps getting longer, the challenge becomes to avoid obstacles, walls, and the line of rescued miners itself. The highest number of miners you have rescued is saved, so you can keep playing to try to improve your score, or to challenge your family and friends!​


The gameplay is based on the classic 'snake' game; you control Saint Barbara by swiping left, right, up and down and must avoid crashing into the edges of the playing area. Trapped Miners spawn randomly, and when rescued, follow Saint Barbara around, creating an increasingly longer line. Unlike the classic game, where the game ends when you have no room to manoeuvre your snake, this game actually features 'endless play'. As long as you do not crash, you can keep rescuing Miners and increase your score indefinitely, though the game will become more difficult over time!

Besides Trapped Miners, there are Obstacles and Bonus Items that spawn at certain times, to make things interesting. A unique feature of our game is the addition of Skarbnik [The Treasurer], a demon from local mythology, that tricks Miners, and tries to steal rescued miners from Saint Barbara.


Raising awareness of many different sources of Intangible Cultural Heritage is one of the core goals of Coal Power Games. With Saint Barbara: Miner Rescue we want to celebrate Saint Barbara and focus on her relevance to the local cultural history of Upper Silesia and its miners. The release of the game will coincide with the celebration of Barbórka [Saint Barbara Feast], on the 4th of December.

Another important aspect for Coal Power Games is the educational value of our games. In this game we aim to visualize the core belief in Saint Barbara in an accessible manner that is perfect for use in an educational environment.

Saint Barbara: Miner Rescue is being developed with the cooperation of the Coal Mining Museum Zabrze [Muzeum Górnictwa Węglowego w Zabrzu].


Our goal is to develop Saint Barbara: Miner Rescue as quickly as possible, but leave room for expansions if funding will allow it. Additional locations, challenges and other features could be added in the future.

  • The demo version will be playable online Summer 2019

  • The game will be launched on December 4th, 2020

  • The game will be available on Google Play

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